A Pedagogy Listening

This is a term that was coined by Carla Rinaldi Pedagogical adviser to Reggio Children. The Pedagogy of Listening underpins the Pedagogy of Relationships.

There are two broad aspects to this approach, but both involve relationships with the social and physical environments.

One aspect relates to learning and teaching, and involves children's and adult's search for meaning and understanding through listening. The second encompasses a political approach, which involves a democratic dialogue with families, the broader community, and culture.

Listening to children’s theories enhances the possibility of discovering how children think and how they both question and develop a relationship with reality. This possibility is magnified when it occurs within a group context that allows for the experience of others to be shared and debated.

Why do we forget so easily that in order to talk, we first had to learn to listen? (Eulalia Bosch)

This principle together with that of a pedagogy of relationship and communication and collaboration are referred to by the educators in Reggio Emilia as Interdependence, Exchange & Collaboration: a pedagogy of relationships & listening.