Friends of Reggio Children International Association

The Association was founded on 24 May 1994 and is a not-for-profit organisation with over 1,000 members in Italy and other countries around the world. The Association's many activities are made possible by the generosity and passion of its volunteers and donations from supporters.

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Cultural tour of the City of Reggio Emilia conducted by Friends of Reggio Children for International Study Tour participants.

The Association's aim is to promote the rights, resources and potentials of childhood. With Reggio Children, the Istituzione of Schools and Infant-toddler Centres and the pedagogical experience of Reggio's municipal schools and infant-toddler centres the Association shares a commitment to promoting Loris Malaguzzi's work and ideas.


The Association collaborates in planning and organising several educational and cultural initiatives. Since 1996 it has also managed the Remida Creative Recycling Centre. The Centre organises collection of discarded materials provided by local companies and factories and makes these available to infant-toddler centres, schools, play centres, etc.

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