The TOGETHER Project 2018: 

a shared research project across Tasmania




Unfolding dialogues on 'togetherness'

Presenters: David Gilkes and Fran Parker
Following on from the successful 2017 research pilot The Together Project, the REAIE Tasmanian Research Network is pleased to be hosting an information and professional learning session to share the journey of this collaborative research project to date, the key concepts and threads it identified and to unpack what it means to view ourselves as ‘teachers as researchers’.
Participant feedback from Unfolding dialogues on 'togetherness' in Burnie (May 2018):
"We all left feeling very inspired and are looking forward to working 'together' state-wide and sharing our thoughts, ideas, children's perspectives and projects as we explore the concept of 'transformation'."
"I didn't want the day to end!"
DATE: Friday 22 June, 2018
Time: 9.00am - 3.30pm (registration from 8.30am)
Venue: Sustainability Learning Centre
50 Olinda Grove, Mount Nelson TAS
Registration fees:
REAIE Member: $200 (incl. GST)
Non-member: $250 (incl. GST)
Student: $150 (incl. GST)
All fees include morning tea and lunch
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Information and Background
The Together Project 2017
In 2017, a small group of members of the REAIE Tasmanian REsearch Network came together to be involved in a collaborative project with children and families in the greater Hobart area. This initiative was generated in response to an opportunity offered by the Hobart City Council to exhibit some images of children’s learning on a set of billboards in Hobart’s CBD later in the year.
With great excitement educators from a variety of settings and contexts around Hobart met to discuss the possibilities. The word ‘together’ was offered as a provocation for discussion and quickly blossomed into many potential avenues for investigation with children and families.  Regular meetings were held and online discussions established to facilitate the shared investigations and inquiries. 
After 7 months of collaboration, in October 2017, aspects of this research were celebrated via three billboards on display in Mathers Lane, culminating with a day of celebration for the children of Hobart.  The project (and displayed works) made visible to the community the capabilities, creativity and collaboration of children and educators together. 
Educators involved in the project commented on the rewarding and collegial nature of participation and the ongoing possibilities afforded by the project. It was decided to continue to offer this opportunity for collaboration and research but open it up to a wider group of educators.
The Together Project 2018
To re-launch the project in 2018, the REAIE Tasmanian REsearch Network is hosting an information session and professional learning day with the aim of bringing together Tasmanian educators interested in collaboration, exploring possibilities and strengthening our State REAIE Network. 
Professional Learning Day Agenda
Friday 22nd June (Hobart)
Session 1: TOGETHER PROJECT 2017 
  • Unpacking the aims, journey, challenges and celebrations of the initial research project.
  • Exploring key questions to pursue in 2018.
  • What does it mean to be actively engaged in research in response to the educational project of Reggio Emilia?
  • What does this idea of ‘teacher as researcher’ mean for Tasmanian educators?
  • How can we build on the work of the Together Project? 
  • What questions/concepts would we like to explore? 
  • What support strategies do we need in order to be successful?
  • How can we continue to highlight Tasmanian children’s thinking and theory making in a way that ensures they are visible in our communities? 
  • What are the possibilities?
About the presenters


David Gilkes currently works as an Early Years Network Leader and has been an early childhood educator for close to 25 years, working mainly alongside 4 - 5 year old children and their families. He is convener of the REAIE Tasmanian REsearch Network and has been fortunate enough to visit this northern Italian city on 5 occasions. David has published numerous articles, been the recipient of a National Excellence in Teaching Award and presented at several conferences. 
Fran Parker is a learner, educator, mother, grandmother and artist. Her teaching and learning experience spans 40 years. Kindergarten teaching has been the love of her life, balanced with educational leadership roles. In recent years, Fran has focused on developing Bush Kinder and Nature Play programs for young children and their families in her local community. The principles of the Reggio Emilia Educational Project have guided and supported the exploration, collaboration, research and documentation of every project she has undertaken with young children and their families.