Professional Learning

The Reggio Emilia Australia Information Exchange (REAIE) supports the development of a national learning community committed to search through re search about the care and education of children in Australia. National professional learning opportunities -  debates, research projects, conversations, workshops, seminars and conferences are organised by REAIE while local events are organised by network groups.

Where possible, REAIE organises customised workshops and seminars in relation to the implications of the educational project in Reggio Emilia to the care and education of children in Australia.

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Reflections from some of the Professional Learning offered in 2010

Overview of the Reggio Emilia Educational Project - Darwin

The Language of Paper Workshop was embraced with gusto by participants as they explored the alphabet of paper.

A selection of comments from participants at the Darwin workshop:

‘I’m very impressed and inspired but I want to know more!’
‘It was a fantastic introduction – not to complicated but not to basic.’
‘It was great.  Excellent presenters, well done!’
‘I can see the benefits to students and how it would help them to be engaged with the community.’
‘It has triggered some ideas for approaching my Term 3 and 4 program.  Many thanks for your inspiration.’
‘I am relieved to find out that I am not the only one that struggles with documentation, what to document, how to interpret it, and how much to document.’


Schools as Places of Research - Sydney


Some of the thinking around research that emerged during the workshop:

'My interpretation – and research is always an interpretation – is that research is what you make it.  It is open and intentional.  It can be as deep and meaningful as you want to make it.'
'There are a lot of energetic and dynamic elements and also quiet and reflective elements.  We found difference but connections too.'
'We all believed research is with the entire community – teachers, children and parents.'
'The process made visible our understandings of research. Interweaving and seeing things from different perspectives was important.

 A participant reflection after the workshop:

"Teachers as Researchers has to be one of the most worthwhile Professional Development sessions I have done in recent times. It really highlighted just how crucial real and meaningful research that is rooted in our values is.
The opportunity to work not only with the excellent presenters but also colleagues from a variety of settings was inspiring. Links were made to the Australian context and I have gone back to my Centre with a greater understanding of the important role we play in really understanding and documenting how our children learn, think and wonder - real research! As someone who has worked with the Reggio Emilia philosophy for many years I found this PD practical and challenging. It has been the spark to reignite some fires...thank you!"