Reggio Children

Reggio Children was founded in 1994 to promote and defend childrens rights and to organise the pedagogical and cultural exchanges already taking place between Reggio Emilia's municipal early childhood centres and teachers, academics and researchers from around the world.

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On local, national and international levels Reggio Children through its International Network:

  • promotes research projects together with universities, foundations, ministries and companies working in various fields
  • carries out educational consulting activities
  • collaborates with NGO's in co-operation initiatives with institutions for early childhood in various countries
  • publishes literature translated into 14 languages
  • runs the The Hundred Languages of Children exhibition that has been travelling for 25 years across five continents invited by governments, museums, universities and art galleries etc.

Since 2006 Reggio Children has also managed and coordinated activities and projects at the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre with a dedicated managerial group in collaboration with Reggio Emilia Comune's Istituzione of Schools and Infant-toddler Centres and the Friends of Reggio Children Association.

For more information visit the Reggio Children website.