Bikes... lots!

An educational, ecological, urbanistic project dedicated to the topic of the bicycle, which involved children and teenagers from the Infant-toddler Centre to the High School and led to the permanent installation Bicitante (Bikes...lots!) in the pedestrian tunnel of the railway station of Reggio Emilia. The book presents an unusual collection of unpredictable, surprising and ironic bicycles.


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The Infant-toddler Centres and Preschools of Reggio Emilia

The history of Reggio Emilia's municipal infant-toddler centre and preschool education is long, courageous and at the same time delicate. Here it is retraced in a synthesized form, offering a map of the most relevant events outlining its identity.

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Loris Malaguzzi and the Schools of Reggio Emilia

A selection of his writings and speeches 1945-1993
Despite Malaguzzi's reputation, very little of what he wrote or said about early childhood education has been available in English. This book helps fill the gap, presenting for the first time in English, writings and speeches spanning 1945 to 1993, selected by a group of his colleagues from an archive established in Reggio Emilia. They range from short poems, letters and newspaper articles to extended pieces about Malaguzzi's early life, the origins of the municipal schools and his ideas about children, pedagogy and schools. This material is organised into five chronological chapters, starting at the end of World War Two and ending just before his death, with introductions to each chapter providing a background, including the historical context, the main events in Malaguzzi's life and the rationale for the selection of documents.
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Stories of thinking and learning with children

Unearthing Why is a collection of stories offering a distinct and hopeful outlook for the future of education.
Each chapter invites you to consider the complexity and beauty of children's capacity to learn, think and be together. Jill McLachlan's and Clare Britt's retellings of their experiences learning alongside children in prior-to-school and primary school based contexts will gently, but compellingly, invite you to join them in considering the deep purposes of education - questioning the 'whys', just below the surface, that inform 'what' and 'how' you teach.
Perhaps, as they have, you will find yourself looking beneath the surface of your everyday and begin (or continue in) asking questions that lead you towards new and optimistic ways of being with children and living out your teaching with a new measure of dignity and joy.
This book has great potential to contribute to and extend the conversations around the inspirations from the educational project of Reggio Emilia.The context of the early years of school offers rich possibilities for dialogue amongst those teachers who might have considered themselves to be outside the "Reggio space". This is a welcome contribution, and one that will no doubt be relevant to contexts outside the Australian one. 
Stefania Giamminuti, Lecturer, Early Childhood Education, Curtin University (Perth, WA).
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DANCING WITH REGGIO EMILIA metaphors for quality


This is a book about the philosophical basis of a mode of early, preschool education. But that philosophical basis is not only set forth abstractly but explicated concretely by well observed examples of the daily life of those preschools. I happen to be a cittadino honorario of Reggio Emilia. And I confess that I am further honoured by the appearance of Ms Giamminuti's book. For it brings that city and its pedagogical efforts into a universal context that honors us all. 
[from the Foreword] Jerome Bruner, University Professor, New York University, NYC (USA).
As I read this book, the story emerged of a special educational project, seen and narrated through the eyes of a researcher who has positioned herself as a listener and observer of daily events in the municipal infant-toddler centres and 'schools of childhood' of Reggio Emilia. Stefania has narrated the possible which the Reggio Emilia experience attempts to bear witness to - education as a primary and inalienable right of all children throughout the world.
[from the Epilogue] Claudia Giudici, President, Preschools and Infant-toddler Centres - Istituzione of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia.
Your book stands out in that it gives a genuine feeling for the schools and the community while also speaking to the already published literature.
Howard Gardner, Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education (USA).
I think the book will have an international appeal, well beyond Australia [...] an important and impressive publication [...] it is an assured debut.
Peter Moss, Emeritus Professor, Thomas Coram Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London (UK).
If you know and love Italy and the gifts from Reggio Emilia, this feels like coming home. If you have not yet met this place, this beautifully illustrated book is an introduction bathed in light and colour.
Alma Fleet, Associate Professor, Macquarie University Institute of Early Childhood, Sydney (Australia).


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CONVERSATIONS behind early childhood pedagogical documentation

Following on from the very popular Insights: Behind early childhood pedagogical documentation, this book continues the conversations.
'Conversations is original in that the complexities of contemporary theory and critical pedagogy are presented with a "practical" confidence that immediately engages the reader. The grouping of chapters into sections from "opening the conversations" to "disrupting the conversations", accompanied by thoughtful and provocative responses, provides a range of entry points. Throughout, the authors write about and around the concept of pedagogical documentation, each from a new perspective and each offering varying levels of engagement which should appeal to a wide audience.'
Diti Hill, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland, New Zealand
'The ideas and concepts surrounding pedagogical documentation have been, for many, vague, slippery and hard to pin-down ... This book teaches us to listen, speak, interpret, think, reflect as well as record the interactions between us, materials, representations and environments and space. Always, the aim is to enhance learning in a respectful way which honours and values what all the participants bring to the situation ... By drilling-down into particular episodes of teaching and learning through each chapter, we see how the adults learn and teach and how the children teach and learn. This simultaneous meaning-making is laid bare through in-depth analyses of children's actions, words and deliberations; seeing children and adults as active citizens in their shared learning spaces.'
Taken from the foreword of this book by:
Iram Siraj-Blatchford, Professor of Education, Institute of Education, University of London


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One City, Many Children

Reggio Emilia, a History of the Present
One City, Many Children recounts the story of the birth and development of Reggio Emilia�s early years services, the nido and scuola d�infanzia, a research project bringing together the voices and thoughts of many �protagonists� and which refers to many sources.
A collective autobiography, an impassioned history that weaves with other histories, in a long and subtle skein of what Loris Malaguzzi called threads of silk.
A history made in this way could pass for a history that has travelled down the years and seasons without a cloud... Instead experiences of this kind, so anomalous, always walk on threads of silk. (Loris Malaguzzi, 1993)
The narrative is developed through a number of broad themes: city and families participation, the active role of women and women's movements, the politics of education in the city's municipal administration, the ties between pedagogy and politics, the originality of pedagogical thinking of Loris Malaguzzi and of the Reggio Emilia education project, and the strongly international identity of what is a local experience.
These themes, all topical and capable of generating new questions on education, on the role of schools, and as their highest aspiration, on the culture of children and human beings, are explored more deeply through contributions and considerations from architects, atelieristas, designers, academics, philosophers, photographers, teachers, pedagogues and pedagogistas, poets, film directors, scientists, writers and historians: the theory of the hundred languages of children here shapes the construction of the narrative form. Certainly, a book which takes sides, on and by the side of all children.
With interviews and texts by Renzo Bonazzi, Simona Bonilauri, Ettore Borghi, Jerome Bruner, Antonio Canovi, Luciano Corradini, Gunilla Dahlberg, Graziano Delrio, Paul Ginsborg, Loris Malaguzzi, Carla Rinaldi, Vea Vecchi. English translation Jane Mc Call


DVD - Everyday Utopias

Reggio Children







Here Reggio Children present two videos that are part of The Wonder of Learning. The Hundred Languages of Children exhibition. They describe a day in an infant-toddler centre and a day in a preschool: the everyday-ness of being together, the strength of a way of organising that is designed but light, knowledgeable but flexible; a special care for the environments and the way of being at school, the idea that the infant-toddler centre and preschool are places in which culture is created.


DVD - Shadow Stories

Reggio Children

The video Shadow Stories. Poetics of an Encounter between Science and Narration from La Villetta Municipal Preschool in Reggio Emilia describes the experience of the encounter between the children and shadows. During a visit to the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre, not yet open to the public, the children choose the shadow of a window in the future large exhibition hall as an element that gives identity to the place. The window is a border element but also a relationship between inside and out. An animated photo-story, alternating with brief video clips concluding with a short animation created by the children.

A school of research, which is not confined to the school building, and that, with its thoughts, becomes part of the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre.


DVD - The Times of Time

Reggio Children


A community wide project that involved children and adults from the infant-toddler centres to the preschools and primary schools, carried out within the context of the important international photography festival Fotografia Europea (

Photographs and thoughts of children and adults tell of the times: many, different, perceived and measured, awaited. There is the time of friendship, of boredom, of waiting, of movement, of hurry, of the cosmos, of transformation and 'oldness', of growth, of empathy, of listening. The images are accompanied by documentary videos of the project and of the photographic Ateliers conducted by teachers and atelieristas. Equipped with highly sensitive antennas on the world and on things, children question, investigate, re-elaborate, and create new realities with ease.


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